We are an independent non-profit research organization for policy advocacy, development, and cultural learning

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Unnayan Shamannay has been in operation for more than 25 years. Its major strength is participatory research and advocacy. It works for climate friendly inclusive sustainable development deriving its stregth from the fighting spirit embedded in our society, culture and history. We think Bangladesh is destined to become a developed country within a couple of decades.


-Chairperson, Unnayan Shamannay

Former Governor, Bangladesh Bank

National Dialogue on Strengthening of Smoking and Tobacco Product Use Control Act

July 21, 2022

Strengthening of Smoking and Tobacco Product Use Control Act

We are conducting research-based advocacy activities to achieve the goal of creating a tobacco-free Bangladesh by 2040 set by the Hon'ble Prime Minister. In this continuation, we organized a national dialogue on 'Strengthening of Smoking and Tobacco Product Use Control Act' on 21st July 2022 (Thursday) at Bishwa Sahitya Kendra in Dhaka. The main objective of the dialogue is to exchange views on the draft of further amendments to the 'Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products (Control) Act 2005 (Amended in 2013)' which has been published on the website of the National Tobacco Control Cell for public/stakeholder views.


11 June 2022

Press Conference

Unnayan Shamannay FY 2022-23 Budget Reaction

A press conference on the proposed budget 2022-23 was held on 11 June at Khondkar Ibrahim Khaled Conference Hall. Unnayan Shamannay's Chairperson and Eminent Economist Dr. Atiur Rahman presented the keynote on the proposed budget (FY 2022-23). Dr. Jamal Uddin FCA (Ex- Secretary of Bangladesh Economic Association) and Khondokar Sakhawat Ali (Emeritus Fellow of Unnayan Shamannay) were present as commenters. Other stakeholders, including experts from the Unnayan Shamannay budget research team, were present to comment on the budget and answer questions from the media.

Presentation || Video

24 April 2022

National Budget Dialogue

Budget Allocation for Health Sector and Its Effective Implementation’

An online national advocacy dialogue on ‘Budget Allocation for Health Sector and Its Effective Implementation’ organized by Unnayan Shamannay. The keynote is being presented by Professor Dr. Atiur Rahman, Former Governor of Bangladesh Bank. The honorable MPs are present at the event. They are AFM Ruhal Haque, MP (Satkhira-03), Pankaj Nath, MP (Barishal-4), Aroma Dutta, MP ( Women Seat 11) and Lutfun Nesa Khan, MP (Women Seat-48). Professor Dr. Syed Abdul Hamid, IHE, University of Dhaka and Dr. Binayek Sen, Director General, BIDS are attending as discussants. Health experts, representatives from different media professionals and others were present too.


31 March 2022

National Workshop

Role of Private Sector to Strengthen Regional Connectivity

Unnayan Shamannay, as part of its regional cooperation dialogue series, has organized an workshop on the above mentioned titled at 10:00 am on 31 March 2022. Dr. Atiur Rahman was a chief guest of the program. The business people, traders, port operators and government officials were present in the workshop. Students from the different university were present in the event.

Digital Budget Information Helpdesk 2022

"Amader Sangsad' platform is working for helping the Member of Parliament (MP) . The idea of 'Amader Sangsad' is the brain-child of Unnayan Shamannay. The program is financed and technically initiated by Unnayan Shamannay. Under the program, Unnayan Shamannay will operate the 'Digital Budget Information Helpdesk' under the program of 'Amader Sangsad'. The said helpdesk will be open during the budget session in the national parliament. The team of researchers will be open for MPs to provide the budget related required information from 9:00am to 8:00pm during the budget session of 2022.

Pre-budget Series Discussion

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Expectation from forthcoming budget FY 2022-23

A four-episode online pre-budget discussion was organised before the forthcoming budget session of National Parliament. In the first episode, Educationist Dr. Monzur Ahmed discussed about the expectation from forthcoming budget, Health Expert Dr. A. Mushtaque Chowdhury discussed on the current health sector budget and expectation on the forthcoming budget and Economist Dr. Sajjad Zohir was present to discuss about the social safety net in the second and third episode. In the last episode, Former Governor Bangladesh Bank Dr. Atiur Rahman talked about the overall expectation on forthcoming budget for FY 2022-23. Emeritus Fellow of Unnayan Shamannay and Sociologist Khondaker Sakhawat Ali is moderating the event. To watch the discussion, click the Facebook link below.

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Episode-1 || Episode -2 || Episode-3 || Episode-4

Latest Policy Brief

10 Years of MFS in Bangladesh: Post-COVID Field Realities

In the ten years since the launch of Mobile Financial Services (MFS) in Bangladesh, the benefits and utility of this service have been clearly visible to people from all walks of life. TIn that context, Unnayan Shamannay and Knowledge Alliance conducted a small scale qualitative survey to give an overall picture of the use of MFS in Corona and beyond in the tenth year of MFS in Bangladesh.

Increase Tobacco Tax To Reduce Consumption and Save Disadvantaged People's Life

In the budget of the forthcoming financial year 2022-23, the price of all types of tobacco products has been increased significantly by imposing specific supplementary duty on them. Bangladesh's anti-tobacco researchers, activists and organizations have proposed a significant increase. A brief on the tobacco tax proposal are prepared for the stakeholders.

Possible Impact of Tax Rise on Tobacco Products

A policy brief on 'Possible Impact of Tax Rise on Tobacco Products: Based on the Survey Summary Findings' is prepared for generating evidence to propagate information. It will help the policy makers and bureaucrats to take decision on increasing the tobacco tax. The study focus on the possible impact of higher tobacco taxation on the consumption of necessity goods and other goods or services.

Health Sector Public Allocation: Budget 2021-22 Analysis

This policy brief is prepared by Bangladesh Health Watch (at BRACT Jamesp P. Grant School of Public Health) and Unnayan Shamannay as part of an evidence-based policy advocacy initiative focused on public expenditure for health in Bangladesh. It aims to inform the honorable Parliamentarians (during the budget session of the Bangladesh National Parliament in June 2021.


Multi modal Connectivity: Future of Cargo Transportation in BBIN Sub-region

Multi-modal corridors in the BBIN sub-region can be utilized for cost-effective seamless connectivity. It is required to create enabling environment for a well-informed political-economy discourse about prioritizing multi-modal connectivity initiatives-combining roadways with waterways, coastal shipping, and railways within the sub-regions. Unnayan Shamannay has organized a national policy dialogue on 'Multi-modal connectivity: Future of Cargo Transportation in BBIN Sub-region'. A short video based on the stakeholders interviews under "M-Connect" project is prepared for the wider out-reach of our advocacy for multi-modal connectivity in the BBIN sub-region.

Life and Livelihood of Char People | চরের মানুষের জীবন ও জীবিকা

In terms of quality of life and livelihood opportunities, people in the char areas are lagging behind most of the regions in the country. The combination of the results of the field survey with the national statistics has come up in the study of Shamunnay.

জীবনের মান ও জীবিকার সুযোগের বিচারে দেশের অধিকাংশে অঞ্চলের চেয়ে পিছিয়ে আছেন চরাঞ্চলের মানুষ। জাতীয় পরিসংখ্যানের সাথে মাঠ জরিপের ফলাফলের সমন্বয়ে সেই চিত্র উঠে এসেছে সমুন্নয়ের গবেষণায়।

Our Works

  • Developing Bangladesh Education Sector Plan (BESP): 2021-2025

  • Addressing the COVID-19 coping strategies in developing 8th Five Year Plan of Bangladesh

  • Analysing the macro-economic trends of Bangladesh

  • Promoting Border Haat as a tool to reduce informal trade between Bangladesh and India

  • Checking the comparative advantage of waterways over road ways for Bangladesh-India bilateral trade

  • Examining the political economy discourse of multi-modal connectivity in the BBIN sub-region

  • Analysing the nature of socio-economic diversities in Bangladesh

  • Studying the opportunities and challenges of the life and livelihoods of the Char lands

  • Doing research on Bangabandhu's Thought on various socio-economic and cultural aspects

  • Assessing the impact of microfinance on the life of share-croppers

Areas of Interest

Recent Publications


A centre of excellence for research and development

The purpose of Shamunnay is to be a catalyst for the innovative and indigenous approach of development, well being of the people or groups such as women, children, poor and marginalised groups, vulnerable, physically and mentally challenged through human approach. Shamunnay works in favor of people’s rights and socio-economic development, which in turn will facilitate a sustainable and equitable improvement of life. In the search for social justice, Shamunnay acts as a network of individuals and institutions (including grassroots movements, academia, policy-makers, progressive people and sector,women’s and children’s organisations, organisations working for disabled groups, government and international agencies) working at local and national levels.

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